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Suitable Biodegradable materials for in-vivo studies?

Make sure using catalysts, solvents, or synthetic starting materials do not have any influence on your experiments!

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Actu-All Chemicals was started in 2011, in close cooperation with major producers worldwide, to create a new brand for laboratory, production and research chemicals. A high level of Quality, Service and Fairness is the key here at Actu-All Chemicals.

With over 40 years of experience in the chemicals industry we have added a new task to our portfolio: diisocyanatobutane.eu. With diisocyanatobutane.eu we want to deliver the highest grade monomeric material for the synthesis of bio(degradable)polymers. If you want to read more about our coorperation then please read here..

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Polyisocyanates monomeric and polymeric degradation products | J.M.C. Adriaans | Nov 24, 2016

  • This article describes the degradation products of different diisocyanates. Thereby is highlighted which materials excrete toxic materials and which not.

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