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Polyisocyanates monomeric and polymeric degradation products

Comparing Hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI), lysine-dissocyanate (LDI), and butanediisocyanate (BDI)

Instead of HDI and LDI, BDI did not get a great attention in the any current market. BDI has a great potential like HDI and LDI. BDI has the same abilities in forming strong hydrogen bonds like HDI however, BDI does not result in toxic diamines upon degradation. BDI degrades, like LDI, into a natural occurring and non-toxic product. Whereas LDI degrades in lysine, BDI degrades in putrescine, a natural human product putrescine. In this article an overview is giving between the three different isocyanates and their advantages/ disadvantages in biomedical engineering.