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About us

With over 40 years of experience in the chemicals industry we have added a new task to our portfolio: diisocyanatobutane. With diisocyanatobutane we want to deliver the highest grade monomeric material for the synthesis of bio(degradable)polymers.

Our goal is to enhance the scientific research in the development of green biodegradable products. These products should give a great potency for future applications in human health. Our latest finding regards 1,4-diisocyanatobutane, a monomeric product which enables the production of non toxologic biodegrable polymers.

Our mission is to enhance the accesibility of good and high purity monomeric substances for bio(degradable)polymers. To enhance scientific research we offer our products for an reasonable price. We strive for more affordable solutions and therefore will always offer you a fair price.

European quality

We produce our products with care and utmost effort to ensure quality. For our products Quality goes before Quantity. Therefore we use highly educated personel with knowledge about process quality and purification. On request we can deliver you a COA for each of our products. Our quality is ensured through our efficient Quality Management System.

Our Abilities

Are you only doing researh but thinking about a pilot plant or larger? No problem, we will do our very best to meet your demands. Of course we offer also competitive prices when higher quantities are requested.

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Our Manufacturing Partners

We are currently cooperating with 5 selected manufacturers worldwide with specific expertise in the areas of our activities. All our manufacturing partners have passed our supplier qualifications. If your quality assurance needs to audit one of our suppliers we will assist you in this.


Our Newest Product


99.7% quality

14-diisocyanatobutane chemical structure 2D

Our Vision

The vision we have at diisocyanatobutane is to accelerate the developments and use of high-end polymeric materials using aliphatic diisocyanates. In order to achieve our vision we have created a mission. Within this mission we want to increase the accesibility of high quality raw materials for biomaterials. High quality raw materials should enable the ability to synthesize biocomaptible materials. In addition we stimulate research projects through funding samples of high quality raw material. Furthermore we are aiming to bring research and industry closer to each other.

Our Mission

To serve our customers, to serve you, during your project from R7D to production as highly qualified supplier. We deliver lab quantities to research departments with very competitive prices and will supply increasing quantities with the same quality and specifications during the evolution of your products to pilot scale and larger.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is defined as ‘development that meets present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.’ This is to reconcile three worlds: economic, ecological and social. In the long term, there will be no development if it is not economically efficient, socially equitable and environmentally acceptable. Please contact us at [email protected] about the latest implementations with respect to this subject.